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Meditation: The Stillness Within

In today’s hectic world where we are constantly over thinking, over tired, overworked and overstressed, trying to find some inner stillness can often be the single most useful tool in managing your emotions, quieting your mind and bringing a sense of peace and harmony to your everyday life. However, when we go within to try to find the answers to life’s questions, we can become lost seeking out logical solutions and rational insights. We want clarity, but the nature of our quest often fails to bring the calmness we seek.

With regular practice meditation becomes a state of being that can be achieved anywhere and at any time. It leads to a clearer understanding of our own inner psyche, making us more aware as our thoughts arise and fall away and ultimately to start unpicking our unconscious patterns of thoughts and behaviour. Over a period of time, the space between one thought and another increases and we can actually start to have peace in our minds.

Meditation can have immediate and ongoing benefits for you, helping bring peace, harmony and balance into your life. By being aware of our emotional state we can learn to pause just for a moment. Taking a few conscious breaths at regular intervals at anytime or in any space, especially when we feel our unconscious self trying to take control over our rational thoughts, will enable our minds to respond in a more positive and calm manner as each situation arises.

Once we become more consciously aware of our actions, this can have a positive impact on energy levels, sleeping patterns, eating and general diet awareness, spending habits, relationships, decision making, general well-being and happiness within.