Purple Feather


Come join us for our meditation sessions at St. Michael’s Sanctuary in Ewell and The Mo-ichido Center in Horton Country Park, Epsom.  There are also fortnightly online meditation classes. Additionally, I host retreats at The Kosmon Sanctuary in Walton on the Hill, Surrey providing deeper opportunities for reflection and growth.

Health disclaimer:

Please be advised that participating in a sound bath session, including those using gongs and crystal bowls,
 is not suitable for the following individuals:
• Anyone in the first trimester of pregnancy.
• Anyone with a pacemaker, stent, mechanical shunt, or any other metal implants (with the exception of tooth fillings).
• Anyone with epilepsy or a history of fainting episodes.
• Anyone with a frequency-triggered condition.
• Anyone with high or low blood pressure (requires extra consideration and consultation).
If you fall into any of these categories or have any other medical concerns, 
please consult with your healthcare provider before participating. 
Your health and safety are our top priority.


“Sue is a very welcoming and gifted meditation guide and having an opportunity to join her online sessions in the comfort of my own home has been ideal. Her calm, soothing voice, along with her positivity allows anyone who is new to meditation realise the benefits. She makes you feel instantly at ease and give you the encouragement to accomplish your inner stillness and calm. A true inspiration.”
C Lee

“Sue’s online classes have been a real lifesaver and are keeping me grounded and I am able to let go of my stress.”

“I am thoroughly appreciative of Sue’s Virtual meditation classes via Zoom. As Someone is full lock down, it enables connectivity and for me to continue much needed space for total relaxation and meditation. Like all Sue’s classes she gives a guided class. Last night I ended up in St Albans Beach in Barbados!! It’s nice to seeing other people too, doesn’t feel so lonely. Thank you Sue, looking forward to future classes. xxx”
E. Ryder

“Sue’s online meditations have been a real life saver for me through these challenging times we find ourselves. I think I’ve attended every one!
Its one of the few times I’m able to fully let go from all the stress of the day. I feel lighter and with a clearer mind afterwards and I sleep like a dream. I secretly love having my own meditation guru in my living room too. Couldn’t recommend highly enough”
L H45 new